Christmas Dinner the Jura Mountains way

Quenelles with Nantua sauce, fattened Bresse chicken with morels or a selection of local cheeses... All the delights of the Jura Mountains on your table at Christmas!

Saucisse de Morteau

Pre-dinner nibbles: Morteau sausage and comté gougères

Discover a 100% Jura Mountains recipe to enjoy with your pre-dinner drinks at Christmas. Made with two of our local specialities, Morteau sausage and comté, this dish is quick and easy to cook.

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Ain Tourisme

Starter: Quenelles with Nantua sauce

This essential recipe from the southern part of the mountain range is based on local ingredients. Pike for the fish dumplings (quenelles) and European crayfish to make the sauce. A subtle and delicious blend of flavours that makes it perfect as a starter, especially with a bugey wine.

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Main dish: Fattened Bresse chicken with vin jaune and comté

A Christmas dinner without a poultry dish is as unlikely as a holiday in Italy without spaghetti. Bresse chicken is special because it is reared in excellent conditions which are reflected in the quality of the deliciously firm and very tender meat.

Morels and vin jaune go remarkably well with chicken. Served with dauphine potatoes, for example, it's a delight for the tastebuds...

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Corinne Vasselet

Cheese: a regional selection

Next comes the traditional cheeseboard and you can be certain that in the Jura Mountains it'll be a well-stocked one! Comté AOP, Bleu de Gex, Mont d’Or, morbier or cancoillotte, there should be something on your cheeseboard to keep everyone happy.


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Dessert: Iced absinthe soufflé

Finish the meal in style with an absinthe soufflé. This sophisticated dessert reveals the subtlety of the beverage known as the green fairy of the Jura Mountains.  It is also called Mitterrand soufflé, becaue it was served to the French President during an official visit to the DuPeyrou palace in Switzerland in the period when absinthe was forbidden in both France and Switzerland. This anecdote caused quite a stir at the time…

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To celebrate: a bottle of Cerdon

This medium-dry wine from the Bugey region makes a great aperitif or dessert wine with its dominant notes of red fruit. Le Bugey-Cerdon is a Protected Designation of Origin and the winemaking process is unique in France.



Santé et Joyeux noël !!

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