Free-range chicken with morels and vin jaune is an extremely tasty dish that will charm your tastebuds. Based on typical Jura products, vin jaune and morels, this recipe isn't the simplest to make but is definitely worth the effort. Your delighted guests will be asking you for the recipe. After a good meal like this one, why not try another of our local recipes? We have a few suggestions, so don't hesitate to try them!

Bouteille de Vin Jaune
Make sure you don't forget anything


- 1 free-range chicken of about 1.4kg
- 20g of butter
- 25cl of vin jaune
- 50cl of fresh cream
- 400g of fresh morels or 200g of dried morels
- Salt & pepper

Corinne Vasselet / BFC Tourisme


Pour a drop of vin jaune over the chicken pieces just before serving!

It's even better made with local ingredients

Choose morels from the local region!

Luckily, the Jura Mountains are one of the regions of France where the rare and sought-after morel grows well.

There are about 13 different species. Morels can be found from March to May, but the rare "morel patches" known to connoisseurs are a well-kept secret.

Enthusiasts can always head for shops selling local products, or the cheese dairies that often sell local dried morels. Perfect for this recipe!

Cheese dairies selling morels

Excellent structure

The vin jaune character

This exceptional wine makes a wonderful accompaniment for chicken with morels. Its scarcity makes it an expensive wine. It is made from a single grape variety from Jura, savagnin.

Find out more about vin jaune

Satisfaction for foodies

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