The 4 Lakes site is a protected area of rich biodiversity with beautiful scenery in every season. It is a perfect place to explore on foot or by bike. In the interests of preservation, swimming is prohibited here.

The 4 Lakes from above

Admire the 4 Lakes from the panoramic viewpoints

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A 993m summit

Pic de l'Aigle

The valley of the 4 Lakes is dominated by the Pic de l'Aigle, a mountain that watches over each one of the lakes from a height of 993 metres.

From the top you can enjoy magnificent views over the Hérisson Valley, the Grandvaux Valley, and even Mont Blanc on a clear day. There's also a viewpoint indicator to help you identify the features of the landscape.

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The viewpoint you must not miss

The 4 Lakes panoramic viewpoint

The 4 Lakes panoramic viewpoint is one of the region's must-dos! Perched some 900 metres above sea level, it offers a 360° view over the Jura Mountains.

You can reach the 4 Lakes panoramic viewpoint on foot from the Pic de l’Aigle (as long as you're wearing good walking shoes) or by car from the village of La Chaux-du-Dombief. You'll find a car park just a 5-minute walk from the viewpoint (easily accessible).

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Barque au bord du lac d'Ilay Julie_Hann / BFC Tourisme
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Vue sur le lac du Maclu depuis le belvédère des 4 lacs Thibault Touzeau / Travel me Happy
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A protected area

Protected area: a few tips in favour of local fauna and flora

In the interests of protecting the environment and natural habitats, a voluntary quiet zone is in effect from 15th April to 15th September (when wildlife is at its most vulnerable). This concerns the area between the lakes of Ilay, Petit Maclu and Grand Maclu, as well as La Motte island and the lakeside areas. The idea is to limit our impact on the landscape, water resources, biodiversity and the quality of the living environment.

In concrete terms, here's what you can do to help the environment:

  • Walkers are requested to stay on the many waymarked paths, from which you can see all of the site's most beautiful spots
  • Lighting fires, camping and swimming are strictly prohibited.
  • To avoid disturbing wildlife, watersports are also forbidden (exception anglers holding a fishing permit)
  • It is strongly encouraged to keep dogs on a lead.
The land of lakes

Nearby lakes for swimming 

The 4 Lakes belong to this god-blessed region nicknamed "the land of lakes", with its beautiful myriad of natural mirrors, some of them wild, others manmade, in tones ranging from deep blue to turquoise. A wonderful region for cooling off, enjoying a breath of fresh air, and swimming in freshwater lakes. 

Land of lakes


By the water

Hiking at the 4 Lakes site

For passionate hikers or anyone just wishing to enjoy the lovely views without too much effort, this is the ideal place. You can walk "above" or "around" the 4 Lakes.

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Hiking "around" the 4 Lakes

To explore around the lakes, you can follow an 11km trail either on foot or by bike!

You'll find various picnic spots along the way, to really make the most of your day.

The departure point is the hamlet of Ilay in Chaux-du-Dombief.

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Hiking "above" the 4 Lakes

There are several ways to get to the Pic d'Aigle and the 4 Lakes panoramic viewpoint: 

◼ The Pic de l’Aigle trail: 1 hour there and back.
Family version: 2 1/2 hours there and back.
Sporty version: a 9km loop trail.

These walks start at the Pic de l’Aigle car park in Chaux-du-Dombief.


Where to stay near the 4 Lakes  

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