So what's a peat bog? Don't bother to discreetly grab a dictionary or dig out your A-level biology lessons! The best way to master the subject is to see the real thing. Keep your eyes peeled because these wetlands are teeming with fauna and flora that's simply exceptional!

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A hidden gem

Around Lamoura Lake

Head for Lamoura. Although it isn't obvious at first glance, the banks of this mountain lake (the highest in the massif) feature a whole multitude of peat bogs.

This fragile and very special ecosystem is a delight for nature lovers, and the happy home of some rare plant species and wildlife which in some cases are endangered.

To identify plants such as drosera (a small carniverous species) or Scotch heather (a perennial heath plant), follow the Lake Trail where the information panels will help you recognise all the peat bog's little gems.

And if you're really keen to become an expert, a documentary film is screened daily at the Nature Park Center in Lajoux (just 3km away)

Découvrir le lac de Lamoura et ses tourbières
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Focus plante, Tourbières de Frasnes Alain_DOIRE__Bourgogne-Franche-Comte_Tourisme
Lac de Lamoura Maud_HUMBERT__Bourgogne-Franche-Comte_Tourisme
Plantes des tourbières de Frasnes Alain_DOIRE__Bourgogne-Franche-Comte_Tourisme
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Designated trail

Frasne Nature Reserve

To discover other beautiful peat bogs, follow the 4.5km discovery trail in the heart of the peat bogs of Frasne Regional Nature Reserve.

The itinerary features information panels about the flora, the history of peatland management, the post-ice-age origins of the peat bog and its evironmental role...

Balade aux tourbières de Frasne
Outstanding natural heritage

International recognition

On 2nd February 2021, the peat bogs and mountain lakes of Jura were officially recognised as wetlands of international importance under the Ramsar Convention.

This is an acknowledgement of the outstanding nature of the iconic natural heritage of the Jura mountains, a rare and remarkable biodiversity sanctuary. But it also validates the region's essential role in preserving water resources and adjusting to climate change.

As the very first mountainous site in France to carry the Ramsar seal of approval, the "Peat bogs and lakes of the Jura Mountains" extend the already existing Drugeon Basin site to the wider scale of the Jura Mountains, hence stretching from Pontarlier to Saint-Claude and featuring 125 peat bogs and 18 natural lakes.


A subject of scientific research

Nanchez wetland

The acidity of the peat bogs prevents the decomposition of vegetation and helps fossils to emerge!

Incredibly, when searching in the wetlands of Nanchez, for example, researchers can retrace the botanical landscape and study the climate of the past 15,000 years!

Here again, a 3.5km designated trail plunges you into this fascinating natural world.

Balade à la tourbière de Nanchez

Lakes, waterfalls, steephead valleys and other natural treasures waiting to be explored

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Tourbière de Frasnes Alain_DOIRE__Bourgogne-Franche-Comte_Tourisme
Focus plante, Tourbières de Frasnes Alain_DOIRE__Bourgogne-Franche-Comte_Tourisme
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