It’s back! With spring comes a huge palette of colours that bring life back to the forests, meadows, rivers and towns as they emerge from their winter slumber. With all five senses heightened, come and share the pleasant experience of spring in the Jura Mountains.

It's decided! This spring you’re getting away from the day-to-day stress with a feel-good experience to reconnect with your inner self! For two days or a whole week, surround yourself with nature on a holiday that really makes you unwind, through gentle activities, healthy eating, and comfortable accommodation.


Come and recharge your batteries
That so-called “spring-clean” to declutter your house works for the mind and body too!  Take time out and treat yourself to a little pampering, for a day or a whole holiday, with one of these solutions:

Pascal Regaldi
Station thermale Pascal Regaldi
Spa du Jiva Hill Lenaka
Chateau de Germigney
Spa du Chateau de Germigney Chateau de Germigney
SPA La Villa du Lac
Spa de la villa du Lac SPA La Villa du Lac
Pascal Regaldi
Spa à Salins-les-Bains Pascal Regaldi

Discover the local flora

In the Jura Mountains, spring is the perfect time to make the most of the natural surroundings. As nature bursts back into life, she puts on her most beautiful performance of all. On the plain and in the mountains, the wildflower meadows are in full bloom, festooned with wild daffodils, crocuses and other specimens that add to the beauty of the landscape.

Flowers are so beautiful in their natural habitat. Take photos of them, observe them, but please refrain from picking them. They look so much prettier here than in a vase.

Some of our cooks, distillers and herbalists work with plants on a daily basis, transforming them in ways that they invite you to discover when you pay them a visit.

Les terrasses de Besançon

Sleeping amid nature

Here you’ll find accommodation where you can enjoy the ultimate feel-good experience as well as superb views! A waterside chalet, a cabin in the trees, an eco-friendly campsite with great views... here are our recommendations for the place of your dreams, to get away from it all while being at one with nature!



Try unusual activities

If you dare, how about trying something more original? Venture off the beaten track with our 3 alternative experiences, all different from anything you’ve done before.

To try without hesitation !


Discover local craftsmanship

Diamond cutter, chest maker and cheese-box maker are unusual crafts that are still present in the Jura Mountains. To find out more about this traditional savoir-faire, take the time to visit the workshops dotted across the massif. A chance to learn, broaden your knowledge and meet some very nice people.


Exploring the destination your way

Not too hot and not too cold, spring is the ideal time of year for exploring on foot, by bike or on horseback. Perfect conditions to really make the most of this destination.

In spring, our friends the Montbéliard cows spend their time grazing peacefully in the pastures. Don't hesitate to stop, they love having their photo taken!

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Station thermale Pascal Regaldi
Spa du Jiva Hill Lenaka
Spa du Chateau de Germigney Chateau de Germigney
Spa de la villa du Lac SPA La Villa du Lac
Spa à Salins-les-Bains Pascal Regaldi