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The best of Jura’s most beautiful lakes for hikers

Saint-Point, Genin, the 4 Lakes, Bonlieu, Bellefontaine and Nantua, 6 natural lakes in outstanding surroundings, and 6 chances to walk at the water's edge. Protected, larger than life, multiple or isolated, these picturesque blue havens are must-dos for hikers and perfect for recharging your batteries. As you walk along their banks, you may well be tempted to take a dip. Good news, in some cases you can!


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Lake Genin

Walking in a protected space

What better way than hiking to fully appreciate the site they call "Upper Bugey's Little Canada"? The footpath around the lake makes a lovely family walk.

Above all, this walk helps you understand the riches and the fragility of the site, a place packed with biodiversity. It is also your chance to discover the peatbogs, a wetland area typically found in the mountains and a sanctuary adopted by, among other species, the drosera, a rare carnivorous plant.

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Lake Saint-Point

Around the 3rd largest natural lake in France

The banks of this lake have been perfectly prepared to allow mountain-lovers to enjoy a long but easy hike. The 18.5km itinerary alternates between hugging the lakeside and taking you across the meadows or through the forest.

Approaching Malbuisson, don't hesitate to visit the village and stop to enjoy a delicious Berthillon ice cream on the terrace of the Hôtel Le Lac. Also sold in Paris, these ice creams are reputed as being among the best you'll find in the capital.

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Around the 4 Lakes

4 lakes in a single hike

Hikers have two different options for admiring "Little Scotland", the nickname given to this little wilderness with 4 lakes: from a panoramic viewpoint high above them, or from the lakesides.

The lakeside option is a beautiful 11km walk. Prepare to enjoy a variety of views over the different lakes, and a breath of fresh air beyond compare.

Please note: A voluntary tranquillity zone is established from 15th April to 15th September. The idea is to leave the site undisturbed in the interests of the natural habits and wildlife. Please stay on the designated paths and keep your dog on a lead.

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Lake Des Mortes and Lake Bellefontaine

Challenging hike with panoramic view over 2 lakes

It's not rocket science, these two lakes are accessible only on foot. The hiking itinerary that reveals their every facet is a somewhat gruelling 16km loop that includes quite a steep climb.

But the terrain you're about to cross will meet all your expectations. Between peatland and mountain forests, you'll feel as if you just landed somewhere in Sweden

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Lake Bonlieu

A must-do for hikers in autumn

This short hike on the banks of Bonlieu Lake promises a 4km walk in a fantasyworld. The wind in the trees, the twittering birds, the woodland fragrances... In autumn, you can't take your eyes off the bright colours from the leafy trees mirrored in the waters of the lake.

Make the most of being at the lake to walk up to the panoramic viewpoint of La Ronde, for a larger-than-life vista of this jewel in all its purity.

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Lake Nantua

A pleasant family walk

Imagine a vast glacier lake in hues ranging from saphire to emerald, surrounded by limestone cliffs.

Such is the heavenly scene that beckons you to enjoy a family hike, looping the lake on a safe path set aside for walkers and cyclists. The good news is that you're also allowed to swim here, so don't forget your swimming costume!

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