Taking your family to the mountains for the very first time? The gentle contours of the peaceful Jura Mountains are very reassuring for winter sports beginners. Unfamiliar scenery, pristine wide open spaces, authentic mountain villages, multiple activities with or without skis, attractive prices and friendly hosts... Choose the Mountains of Jura for those first-time memories!

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Your winter mountain holiday

Winter in the Jura Mountains is all about taking your time, far from the crowds of mass tourism. Here, you'll find you have time for genuine, sincere encounters and, quite simply, for all those winter pleasures.

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1st trip to the mountains

Your very best first-time experiences!

Vast snowy expanses, cross-country ski trails and downhill slopes winding through the pines, dogs pulling sleds across the powder snow, village resorts at moderate prices: Approachable, welcoming, the gentle Mountains of Jura offer a playground worthy of the large resorts and look as amazing as any destination in the Far North.

As a family, you'll discover the brand new joys of exploring the wilderness. At a mountain restaurant, you'll sample some of the mountain specialities. And local artisans will show you the basics of their ancestral craftsmanship.

Children and adults alike are in for a whole host of surprises, such is the promise of the Jura Mountains. So go on, sign up for your very first mountain experience!

Discover the resorts

Gentle ski slopes

First time on skis?

The Jura Mountains are the ideal destination for your first skiing experience. Cross-country skiing, downhill skiing, snowboarding... Far from the crowds in mid-altitude mountains, enjoy peace of mind during your winter sports lessons.

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Alpine skiing, a first!

In the Jura Mountains, the ski slopes are naturally gentle. At Métabief, Les Rousses or Monts Jura, you suddenly feel much more confident as you launch yourself from the top of the slope.

Young children, progressing teenagers and adult beginners will all find just the right slope for them.

After time and practice with their first turns, budding ski addicts will soon be varying the pleasure by skiing through the trees, down the reds or blacks, across the moguls, through the snowpark and other fun areas.

In the Jura Mountains, you can try new things without taking risks... With a panoramic view of the Alps as an added bonus!


les 3 stations de ski alpin
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Les plaisirs de la glisse nordique dans les paysages des Hautes Combes

One of the most beautiful Nordic areas in France

Quite simply, the Jura Mountains are the obvious place to start cross-country skiing.

Judge for yourself: over 3,000km of groomed, waymarked trails rolling across the Scandinavian-style landscape.

The Nordic area of Jura is the haunt of nature lovers in search of an outstanding habitat. Here, the deer, chamois and other wildlife will be your exploring companions.

A nice gentle start, classic-style from the villages, or an energetic skate-skiing session through the forest, the choice is yours.

L'Espace nordique jurassien
Winter sports holidays

What should I pack?

Don't worry about equipment (skis, snowshoes, helmet, poles, sledge, etc.). If you don't have your own, you'll find plenty of local partners proposing rentals at each of the village resorts.

As for clothing, the best way to stay warm is to wear several layers, which also avoids heavy sweating. Don't forget to pack socks, mittens or gloves, leggings, woolly hats, scarves, backpacks, masks and ski suits.

Last but not least, make sure you bring snow boots or waterproof hiking shoes for sledging or walking in the snow. You don't want cold feet to spoil the fun!

Equipment rental outlets

Animal encounters

Discovering mountain animals

Skiing isn't the only activity you can enjoy in the mountains. Discover winter activities of a completely different kind that involve animals. Dog sledding, polar creatures, Comtois horses and wildlife hiding in the forest... A pleasantly emotional experience for children and adults alike.


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Animal encounters

Try out dog sledding

The Mountains of Jura are also the land of sled dogs.

Many of the resorts and villages propose introductory sessions, dog-sled rides, long-distance excursions and mushing lessons. 

An amusing and original way to explore the wilds in the company of the dogs!


Découvrir cette activité
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Animal encounters

Sleigh rides

Discover the villages and resorts from a brand new angle on a sleigh ride.

Sit back and enjoy the sensation of gliding along behind the robust Comtois horses. This ancestral mode of transport is still as popular as ever and will delight children and adults alike.

Skiers of all levels can even have a go at ski-joëring… This is a must!

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Animal encounters

Polar Park visit

In surroundings that inevitably remind you of the Far North, step through the gate to get a closer look at a whole host of mountain animals: stags, reindeer, yaks, mouflons, chamois, fallow deer, tarpan horses and arctic dogs. This animal park is a real CHANGE OF SCENE!


Le Parc Polaire
First steps in the snow

Mountains for the little ones

To learn to ski or take their first steps in the snow, young children will find an XXL playground in the Mountains of Jura!

In the middle of the gentle, reassuring snow-covered landscape, children will make all sorts of discoveries, like throwing snowballs, sledging, snowshoeing, picnicking under frost-covered fir trees, riding on a dog sled, and building igloos and snowmen…

Discover the joys of that very first winter holiday in the mountains. At the warm and friendly village resorts, you'll find it easy to switch from one activity to another. And you'll never be bored!


Idées pour tous sans les skis
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M.COQUARD et E.DETREZ Bestjobers / Bourgogne-Franche-Comte Tourisme
After a day's skiing

Around a good meal

Winter sports holidays are also about rosy cheeks and a rumbling tummy after a whole day out in the fresh air. No worries! In the Jura Mountains, we love getting together to enjoy a good meal.

By an open fire or in a nice warm restaurant, you'll discover our delicious mountain specialities: Comté-style fondue, cancoillotte cheese and local salted meats, morbiflette (tartiflette made with Morbier cheese), Morteau sausage, boîte chaude (baked Mont d'Or cheese) or croûte comtoise (Comté toastie)… Specialities to be discovered and shared with family or friends.


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