On a winter sports holiday, you don't need skis on your feet to have fun in the snow or get some exercice in the great outdoors. Even for non-skiers, the Jura Mountains have plenty of activities to be enjoyed with family or friends. Skating on frozen lakes, dog-sled rides, sledging and snowtubing, hiking and snowshoeing, snowball fights and museum tours… The mountains provide the setting, it's up to you to make the memories to match!

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Take a break

Time for a little pampering

In the Jura Mountains, enjoy the authenticity and charm of hotels, gites and guestrooms that still reflect the mountain spirit. After a day in the great outdoors, you'll recharge your batteries in these warm cosy nests, and discover all the best local specialities at the restaurants: Jura-style fondue, baked Mont d'Or cheese and Morteau sausage, all washed down with a delicious Jura or Bugey wine.


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With or without snowshoes?

In the Jura Mountains, you can go winter hiking with or without snowshoes. The Jura massif is like nature's ladder, taking you gently across the plain and up the mountain. Which is why there are hikes here for children and adults of all levels, be they meditative walkers or the sporty type!



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Walking in the snow

Multi-activity trails

Go winter hiking without snowshoes, if you dare! Wearing waterproof footwear, you'll cross valleys, forests and peaks.

Each village, each Nordic area has at least one mutli-activity trail. These groomed trails are open to the public, walkers included, and are freely accessible.

Here you'll respectfully share the path with other walkers, snowshoers, cross-country skiers, children in pushchairs, and people with dogs (kept on a lead). This is also the place to make your best sledging memories.


L'espace nordique jurassien
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Piste multi-activités aux Rousses
Walking with snowshoes

Snowshoe trails

Over 1,000km of snowshoe trails criss-cross the massif from north to south. You'll quickly get to grips with your snowshoes and should have no difficulty reaching the highest peaks.

For a trek of several days with overnight stops, why not try the Grande Traversée du Jura snowshoe trail? The 117km trail has been made safe for snowshoers looking to explore the massif's most beautiful landscapes.

You can also venture onto the Retord Plateau loop trail, which winds for 35km across the uplands of the department of Ain, facing the Alps…

Découvrir l'activité raquettes
Dog sledding

Far North Atmosphere

Fancy something more Scandinavian, such as a musher and a pack of howling dogs? Enjoy the unforgettable experience of driving a team of dogs in a decor straight out of Lapland.

The less adventurous will opt for a soothing ride on the sled, eyes wide open before the spectacle of nature.

Children and adults eager to bond with their dogs can try a Scandinavian Pulk… the promise of a snowy experience in which the effort brings human and dog together!

Tout savoir sur le chien de traineaux
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Welcome to "Little Siberia", France

Chances are you've heard of Mouthe, the coldest village in France. At an elevation of 930 metres, not far from Pontarlier, in 1985 the village recorded a record temperature of -41°C! The locals are accustomed to temperatures of -20°C and have adjusted their lifestyle accordingly. Because of the cold dry air, this is also one of the healthiest places in France.

But why is it so cold in Mouthe? Because at the bottom of its valley, the village is sheltered from the wind, which exacerbates the cold temperatures. You might like to know that the tourist office even awards certificates of hardiness to tourists who defy the cold. So why not amaze your friends by winning the title of "Great Master of the Cold"?


Family fun


You cannot possibly go on a wintersports holiday without having a go at sledging. This is guaranteed to have both children and adults laughing their heads off!

In the Mountains of Jura, you can slide between the fir trees on dedicated slopes and fun areas.

Traditional sledging, horse-drawn sleds and tubes... whichever the sliding method, the magic operates. More than a mere alternative for non-skiers, sledging appeals to the whole family.


Les meilleures pistes de luge
On the ice

Nature's open-air ice rinks

Very few destinations have this many natural skating rinks. Beyond the need for optimal conditions and cold temperatures, not all lakes are suitable for skating on.

Just about everywhere in the mountains of Jura, you'll find larger-than-life ice rinks in the great outdoors. All you have to do is grab your woolly hat, gloves and skates, and savour this very special and precious moment.

But beware, this activity is done at your own risk. It is rarely supervised and skaters are responsible for their own safety. Don't hesitate to ask the locals, who will be able to offer advice!

Les plus beaux lacs où patiner
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Fatbikes and E-scooters

On wheels, even in the snow!

Do you miss cycling? In the Jura Mountains, there are mountain bikes and E-scooters for all seasons! After arriving from the United States, the fatbike is booming in the resorts of this massif.

Fitted with oversized tyres, these mountain bikes can travel on slippery terrain such as mud and snow. In Métabief, at the resorts of Monts Jura or Les Rousses, a number of specialists propose fatbike rentals and guided excursions.  Please note, however, that it is forbidden to go off the designated trails without an instructor!

Accessible to anyone who is tall enough (minimum 1.30m), electric scooters are great fun and can take you anywhere with their huge wheels. They are practical and easy to handle.

Alternative winter holidays

Firm favourites of the Jura Mountains

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