Winter has come but there's still no snow? How about venturing along the Comté Routes for a weekend on the theme of cheese between the destination's two ski resorts, les Rousses et Métabief? Here, you can expect to see fondue galore, with the secrets of making comté, a fondue/caving outing (yes that's right), a gourmet hike and a selection of great restaurants to enjoy comté, Mont d'Or and other delicious cheeses from our mountains. 


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A glimpse at a gourmet getaway

Day 1 - morning: 'underneath' the Comté Routes

Visit a maturing cellar several metres underground

The first step of your underground exploation of the Comté Routes begins in a maturing cellar. You are spoilt for choice in the Jura Mountains so you can choose from the 2 most well-known cellars along the Comté Route:

Just the right temperature

Did you know?

For the perfectly soft texture and ideal taste, comté has to be left to mature for at least 4 months. In the silent, dark maturing cellars, this cheese develops until it becomes ripe. The temperature and humidity levels are carefully controlled, between 12 and 16 degrees, for the ultimate comté cheese.

Day 1 - afternoon: an original fondue experience

Try a caving-fondue experience near Métabief

This is a highly original way to enjoy your meal: savour a comté fondue in the deep dark depths of the Jura Mountains!

This enjoyable and extraordinary experience with a caving guide is to be enjoyed as a family or with friends.

Noa-guides, specialised in outdoor activities, will take you on this exceptional outing near Métabief and the Doubs and near Les Rousses for the Jura.

So what exactly does this outing involve?

The concept is simple! Put on your caving gear, helmets and head lamps and set off to explore the underground world, before then enjoying a delicious comté fondue, made using the cheese that is produced just above your heads.

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Noa Guides
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Day 1 - evening: a great night's sleep

A cosy place to stay

After an action-packed day of underground adventures and visits, there's nothing better than a cosy place to stay where you can admire the Jura Mountains. Halfway between Métabief and Mouthe, here are two suggestions of places to stay.

  • Chez Liadet, a wooden chalet at the heart of the forest near Mouthe to sleep 8 people for a peaceful overnight stay in an exceptional location. This fully equipped rental is perfect for an evening as a family enjoying local specialities.
  • In Chaux-Neuve, in a wilder setting, Les Equipages Adam's invites you to come and spend the night on the edge of the forest in an environmentally friendly little wooden chalet. You're guaranteed a good night's sleep at this chalet for 2 to 4 people, soothed by the sound of the huskies nearby.


Day 2: head for the heights

Fondue with a view at the Les Rousses resort

Even when there isn't much snow, it's still possible to head up to the peaks and enjoy a meal (cheese-based obviously) with a breathtaking view.

In winter, the guides from La Boîte à Montagne in Les Rousses or from Ô Jurassik near Saint-Claude will take you on introductory or sporty outings, depending on what you're looking for.

A little further up the mountain, a rewards awaits you! Whichever peak you decided to climb, you'll be able to admire the view across the French and Swiss peaks as you enjoy an unmissable comté fondue.

If you're lucky enough to come on a clear day, you'll be able to see the Alps in the distance.

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Our recommendations

Enjoy some cheese-based specialities

To end this getaway on a high note, we recommend stopping off at a traditional restaurant. The chefs there work with local products to concoct their cheese-based specialities of the Jura Mountains... but that is not all! 'Boite chaude', comté fondue, 'morbiflette'... are you drooling yet?!

Bestjobers Elisa & Max / BFC Tourisme
Bestjobers Elisa & Max / BFC Tourisme

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Some exercise to burn off those excess calories?

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