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Top 5 specialities from the Jura Mountains

The Jura Mountains are a land that combine nature and culinary delights, for an outstanding gastronomy experience. For these mountain-dwelling epicureans, happiness is truly at the table. Here are their top favourites, which they beckon you to come and share, so feast your eyes and prepare to treat your tastebuds.

1 The inseparable threesome

Mont d'Or cheese, Morteau sausage and potatoes

Produced only during part of the year, Mont d’Or is a much-awaited cheese! When it arrives, any excuse is good enough to share a meal made with this soft and flavoursome cheese.

Served with tasty Morteau sausages and hot potatoes, it's the best thing you'll find to get you through the winter!

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2 An original dish

Quenelle with nantua sauce

From the southern part of the mountain range, this essential recipe for quenelles with Nantua sauce is based on local resources: pike for the fish dumplings (quenelles) and European crayfish to make the sauce.

It is a tasty dish that offers a subtle blend of flavours and is quick to make. To be enjoyed without restraint and washed down with a Bugey wine.

3 Gran's recipe

Fattened Bresse chicken with vin jaune and morels

Free-range Bresse chickens are reared in a natural environment and the quality of their conditions is reflected in the deliciously firm and very tender meat.

Prepared in this ancestral recipe with vin jaune, cream, shallots and morels, it has delighted many generations and still makes our mouths water today!

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4 Invented in Jura 


Morbiflette, the local version of Tartiflette, is made with Morbier cheese instead of reblochon. This very popular dish is served in many traditional restaurants.

Containing pieces of bacon or, for a truly 100% local flavour, salted meats from Upper Doubs, it is the most comforting dish you'll ever find after a great day's skiing!

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5 Sweet treat

Galette Comtoise

Because the local mountain-dwellers have a sweet tooth, here's a little bonus to round off your meal. Galette Comtoise is a typical dessert from the Jura Mountains.

This Franche-Comté version of epiphany cake has orange blossom-flavoured choux pastry instead of a frangipane base. It's light, it's delicious, and you won't be able to resist second helpings!

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