Departure : Dole
Arrival : Dole

Welcome to the 'recreational' version of the Tour du Jura by bike. This is a 155-km cycle touring route departing from  Dole and accessible to everyone. This shorter version of the 'sporty' route will take you along greenway routes, cycle paths and secondary roads without too much traffic and fairly flat. This is the perfect cycle touring route for families! It's possible to divide the route up over three days or longer, depending on what you feel like doing. You can expect a wonderful adventure with a blend of cultural discoveries, local traditions and natural heritage.

155 km route
190 m Min. altitude
385 m Max. altitude
3 days 4 hours cycling per day
Balade vélo Dole Mizenboite
© Stéphane Godin/Jura Tourisme
Famille à vélo à Dole © Stéphane Godin/Jura Tourisme
Vélo au bord du Doubs à Dole Jean-Marc_BAUDET__Bourgogne-Franche-Comte_Tourisme-
Alain DOIRE / BFC Tourisme
A vélo sur Voie Verte Alain DOIRE / BFC Tourisme

A cycling loop trail to experience with friends or family

Are you more into nature or culture? Are you sporty or a foodie? Looking for a challenge or an easy-going ride? 

If you opt for the 'recreational' version of the Tour du Jura, you don't need to choose between any of this! This enjoyable cycling loop trail can be done in two days or divided into several smaller sections that are suitable for everyone. It's possible to combine all these pleasures into one experience.

Ride at your own pace and explore the Jura, the locals and the extraordinary natural environment.

A change of scenery guaranteed! 

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Natural heritage

Unspoilt landscapes...

As you ride alongside the Doubs and Loue rivers, or through shaded forests or vineyards, you'll be exploring the countryside of the Jura, with lots of surprises in store. Some recommendations:

- The southern section of the Vallée du Doubs, along the towpaths, through authentic villages and across dreamlike landscapes on the water's edge.

- The Forêt de Chaux, a nature reserve renowned for its remarkable wildlife, and the source of countless fairy-tales and legends.

- The Jura vineyard where the hillsides provide a kaleidoscope of bright colours. All around the vineyards, there are picturesque winegrowing villages where you can stop off and taste a glass of local wine.

- The Bresse Jurassienne, a natural region full of authentic villages with traditional architecture, plains and wooded valleys, as well as rivers, streams and lakes.


Historic heritage

... and some absolutely beautiful sites!

Set off from Dole, the 'little Venice of Jura' on the banks of the river Doubs. Louis Pasteur's hometown is a great place to go for a leisurely stroll and taste the local delights. It's the ideal departure point to then go exploring the most beautiful sites and historic towns of Jura: 

- The Saline Royale in Arc-et-Senans, a classified UNESCO World Heritage site, and a major masterpiece from visionary architect Claude-Nicolas Ledoux

- Salins-les-Bains, a spa town renowned for its naturally salted waters and the Grande Saline, a classified UNESCO World Heritage site.

- Arbois, capital of the Jura Wines with ochre-coloured buildings on every street of the charming, picturesque town.

- Poligny, a 'Cité de Caractère', capital of Comté cheese and ancient fortified town with rich and varied heritage.

- Arlay and its magnificent medieval castle


Gourmet places to stop along the way

The Tour du Jura is also an opportunity to taste the local delights from each section of the route.

  • The Jura Wines to sample in the winegrowing villages between Arbois and the hillsides of Haute-Seille.
  • Comté cheese, the very first PDO in France to have its own sightseeing route. Stop off at the Maison du Comté in Poligny or venture inside one of the many cheese dairies and maturing cellars.
  • The Bresse Jurassienne, known as the land of gastronomy, boasts countless delicious local specialities: Bresse chicken, AOC butter and cream, etc.

The itinerary and stopover towns

Benjamin Becker / BFC Tourisme
Cyclo sur le Plateau de Retord - GTJ vélo
In sporty mode

The Tour du Jura in sporty mode

2 loops, 2 atmospheres!

Two cycle-touring routes with one shared goal: to showcase the best of Jura!

Find out more about the sporty version of the Tour du Jura. A challenging 250-km route to the Haut-Jura via the Pays des Lacs and the Petite Montagne. 

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Other recreational cycling routes in the Jura Mountains

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Balade vélo Dole Mizenboite
Famille à vélo à Dole © Stéphane Godin/Jura Tourisme
Vélo au bord du Doubs à Dole Jean-Marc_BAUDET__Bourgogne-Franche-Comte_Tourisme-
A vélo sur Voie Verte Alain DOIRE / BFC Tourisme