Standing on the highest peaks of the Jura Mountains, the resort of Monts Jura is a natural balcony offering views of the Alps and Lake Geneva. A heavenly spot to watch a breathtaking sunset over the mountains after a day's snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, or something more unusual like a ride on a sled drawn by Comtois horses!

In the mountains of Pays de Gex, you can also enjoy a little luxury and great food, stopping at gourmet restaurants to savour delicious meals while feasting your eyes on the panoramic views...


Day 1 - Noon

Gourmet meal at the foot of the Crêt de la Neige

Aptly nicknamed "Le Centre", this restaurant in the department of Ain is a hotspot of culinary traditions, glorified here by chef Benjamin Brejassou. Our favourite is the "Monts-Jura" fondue (cheese, white wine, yellow wine, porcini mushrooms) served with charcuterie and a salad, just to clear your conscience.

The icing on the cake is the restaurant's choice location in Lélex, elevated to 900 metres, at the foot of the slopes opposite the gondola lift. More importantly, it stands just below the highest summit of the Jura Mountains, Crêt de La Neige, which makes it the ideal spot from which to head off on a new adventure…

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Hula Hoop / BFC Tourisme
Hula Hoop / BFC Tourisme
Day 1 - Afternoon

Snowshoeing at dusk from Lélex

Skiing may take you to the snowy summits, but it rarely gives you the chance to admire nature's wonders, especially at sunset. Which is why you should seize this opportunity to go exploring at dusk. You'll start with a climb by gondola lift before a 4-hour snowshoe hike that presents no major difficulty.

Before making your way back down to Lélex by the ilght of your headlamp, you'll stop at the Refuge de la Loge, an old-style mountain refuge that provides only the basics but where you can warm up with a meal of soup followed by raclette, fondue or tartiflette, all prepared by Franck.

Découvrir le Refuge de la Loge

The 800-metre descent under the stars that seem to follow you feels like a living dream.

Hula Hoop / BFC Tourisme
Hula Hoop / BFC Tourisme
Hula Hoop / BFC Tourisme
Hula Hoop / BFC Tourisme
Day 1 - Evening

A restful night at La Michaille

Tucked between hairpin bends on the road leading from Mijoux to Lajoux, the Michaille guesthouse stands between the departments of Ain and Jura, offering a stunning view over the Faucille pass. This former 17th-century farmhouse is just a few minutes away from the cross-country skiing and snowshoeing trails as well as the ski lifts that take you to the slopes.
Here you'll appreciate the subdued atmosphere of tranquility and the guestrooms with very local names like Valserine, Semine, Gour Bleu…

Découvrir la Michaille
Hula Hoop / BFC Tourisme
Hula Hoop / BFC Tourisme
Day 2 - Morning

Gliding across the snow... on the trails of La Vattay!

La Vattay has quite a reputation among cross-country skiers, and it's no wonder! With 130 km of slopes in both France and Switzerland, the site extends along the Valserine valley, offering a remarkable diversity of trails of all levels of difficulty (from green to black) for a skiing experience of unrivalled quality  — thanks to the double lanes that accommodate both skiing styles.
Besides getting exercise, you'll feel truly and wholly at one with the elements, amid the immaculate, sparkling landscape.

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Hula Hoop / BFC Tourisme
Day 2 - Noon

At Le Grand Tétras, lunch with a view...

In winter, this mountain bar and restaurant attracts not only snowshoers and skiers, but also those who just come to enjoy the amazing scenery, including a 360° panoramic view of Mont-Blanc, the Alps and the crescent-shaped Lake Geneva that unfurls at the foot of the Pays de Gex plain.

As for the food, you can't go wrong with the simple specialities and traditional dishes in which cheese is, of course, a key ingredient.

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Day 2 - Afternoon

Sled ride... towed by a Comtois horse!

An unusual way to travel in a bewitching natural setting!

Explore across the snow in a sled towed by... a draught horse! But not just any breed, because the Comtois breed of horse is in its element when it trots along in the crisp mountain air. Unlike a sleigh, the sled allows you to ride close to the ground where you experience the pleasant sensation of speed.

Ride on a horse-drawn sled

Day 2 - Evening

End in style at the Jiva Hill

To round off your getaway in the Pays de Gex region, why not treat yourself to an amazing overnight stay? Set in the heart of a private 50-hectare estate, the Jiva Hill Resort offers guests an instant feeling of peace of mind generated by the natural surroundings. This sensation is enhanced by the friendly and elegant atmosphere.

Ideal for recharging your batteries, thanks to the wellness facilities and vast range of treatments, this is also a great place to eat. The creative chef, Jean-François Vasseur, tickles your tastebuds with the revisited modern gastronomy that he masters so well, with essential classics that he adjusts through the seasons...

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Hula Hoop / BFC Tourisme
Hula Hoop / BFC Tourisme
Hula Hoop / BFC Tourisme

See our secret addresses in Pays de Gex and its resort, Monts Jura...

Info & access

For a hassle-free trip to the Monts Jura resort, a coach service is available:

Regular year-round service A53: Bellegarde-sur-Valserine > Lélex > Mijoux.

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