The Haut-Doubs region, also known as the 'Little Siberia of France', deserves to be known. Although it gets very cold in winter, you'll be enchanted by the friendly warmth of your hosts, the wealth of culinary delights and the beautiful natural setting!

Your winter getaway programme includes skiing of course, but that's not all! Expect a good helping of cheese(s), opportunities to explore the unspoilt natural surroundings, and some more unusual activities such as astronomy.

Hula Hoop / BFC Tourisme
Hula Hoop / BFC Tourisme
Day 1 - Morning / Lunchtime

Skiing, igloo & fondue!

Known for being the coldest village in France (-41°C in 1985), Mouthe isn't nicknamed “Little Siberia“ for nothing. Which makes it the ideal destination for a 'Far North' experience! 

Stay safe in the company of a guide, following them along virgin trails on a 3-hour adventure you'll never forget. The experience includes a stop at an igloo for a delicious lunch of fondue.

Here, the fondue cheese is 100% comté, nothing added! The organisers provide all the necessary equipment (skis, poles and ski boots). Go for it!

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Hula Hoop / BFC Tourisme
Hula Hoop / BFC Tourisme
Hula Hoop / BFC Tourisme
Hula Hoop / BFC Tourisme
Day 1 - Afternoon

A huge breath of fresh air in Métabief

Just ten kilometres or so from the Swiss border, the resort of Métabief Mont-d’Or boasts over 37 km of slopes (including 6 blacks) arranged around the highest point of the French department of Doubs.

It's a great place to ski in winter, offering sensations beyond compare. After hurtling down the slopes amid this wilderness filled with the fragrance of pines, it won't be quite the same going back to the gym...

Check out the Métabief ski area

Day 1 - Evening

Night in a traditional farmhouse...

Real food and good wine

Half-way between Pontarlier and Morteau, spend the night at an authentic mountain farm dating from 1684! This refuge still has some precious relics of the past, like the 'tuyé' (smokehouse) and the bakehouse. The menu places the emphasis on specialities that are perfect for facing the harshness of winter, like fondue, raclette, and cassolette comtoise, as well as matured prime rib, rib steak, duck breast fillet and knuckle of ham confit, all cooked over a wood fire…

Good to know: the Auberge de la Perdrix can provide, on request, transport from Pontarlier station, just a 15-minute drive away.

See the Auberge

Auberge de la Perdrix / BFC Tourisme
Hula Hoop / BFC Tourisme

... under the stars!

The elevations of Jura offer the indescribable pleasure of observing a lovely clear canopy of heaven. These ideal conditions have led to the installation of the Haut-Doubs observatory in a small valley by the village of Hauterive-la-Fresse.

This remarkable site invites curious visitors to spend an evening in the company of astronomy enthusiasts who will adapt the session to your wishes, observation of the night sky included! The exact date can be decided at the last minute to be sure the weather conditions will be optimal. This is bound to put a twinkle in your eye...

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Hula Hoop / BFC Tourisme
Hula Hoop / BFC Tourisme
Day 2 - Morning

Nature walk "in the tracks of wildlife"

Discreet, even invisible most of the time in their natural habitat, wild animals cannot help but leave precious tracks behind them in the snow. A godsend for naturalists exploring the Remoray Lake Nature Reserve. To find out more about the local wildlife, such as red deer, Eurasian lynx and 231 listed species of bird, we recommend you join a guided walk in the company of a guide from the reserve visitor centre, Maison de la Réserve.

Wear good walking shoes and suitable clothing (after checking the day's weather forecast) for this 2.5-km walk around Remoray lake which takes about 3 hours.

See nature walks

Hula Hoop / BFC Tourisme
Day 2 - Noon

For cheese lovers...

Good news! A feast awaits you at the Restaurant du Fromage. Located just a stone's throw from Saint-Point lake, this restaurant serves a fabulous array of local specialities that shine a spotlight, naturally, on cheese in all its forms.

The menu does of course also showcase the region's charcuterie specialities as well as the wines of Jura.

See the Restaurant du Fromage

Hula Hoop / BFC Tourisme
Day 2 - Afternoon

Snowshoeing on the roof of Haut-Doubs...

Starting at Les Fourgs, the highest village in Doubs, this easy 8.3 km loop itinerary for snowshoers takes you close to the summits!

On this trail via the Buclés Forest, you're constantly rewarded with amazing views, like the vista of the Arlier plateau or Joux Castle...

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Hula Hoop / BFC Tourisme
Day 2 - Evening

Typical meal on the edge of the Risoux Forest

The invigorating air of Haut-Doubs arouses your appetite. Your hunger will be satisfied at the Clochettes du Risoux.

The chef glorifies local products, concocting dishes that showcase their quality, such as Morez smoked trout, Morteau sausage, comté-cheese gratin, savagnin sauce and, to follow, the inevitable blueberry tart. You simply must try the fondue or the morbiflette, and who could resist the croûtes aux champignons? Actually, the hardest part is choosing!

See Clochettes du Risoux

Hula Hoop / BFC Tourisme
Hula Hoop / BFC Tourisme
Les clochettes du Risoux / BFC Tourisme

Overnight experience in the footsteps of Jack London

Who has never dreamt of plunging into the epic day-to-day lives of gold hunters from a Jack London novel?

Équipages Adam's offer two opportunities to experience life as a pionneer:

At night, this isolation bubble hones your senses amid the distant sound of Nordic sled dogs barking protectively . Who could resist the temptation of taking their first ride on a dog sled the very next day, to admire the surrounding landscape in canine company?

See Equipages Adam's

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