In Scandinavian-style surroundings, the Jura Mountains beckon you for a Nordic experience, with cross-country skiing, skate-sking, ski-touring, backcountry skiing, biathlon, Nordic combined, ski jumping and more... On the long waymarked trails or deep in the spruce forests, discover an authentic, unspoilt wilderness. Whether for introductory sessions or physical training, you'll immerse yourself in the world of Nordic skiing.

Sophie COUSIN / CRT Bourgogne-Franche-Comté
Nordic adventure

The Jura Mountains, a territory to explore

With their characteristic geology of rounded contours and wooded valleys, the Jura Mountains are a natural terrain for Nordic and cross-country skiing.

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Cross-country skiing

Miles of trails to explore

The mountains of Jura seem to have been created for cross-country skiers... With more than 3,000 groomed and waymarked trails, there's no getting out of it!

From green trails to black trails, there's something for every level and preference, for a fun way of keeping fit or some serious physical training.

Groomed for classic-style and skate-skiers, the trails of the 30 Nordic areas wind between valleys, prairies, spruce forests and ridges in a landscape worthy of a picture postcard!

>> Certified sites

The quality of the snow, the terrain, the slopes, the services and the protected areas... all take the reputation of Europe's largest Nordic area way beyond the border. We've lost count of the number of Nordic sites carrying the Nordic France seal of approval which guarantees their quality, with a special mention for the resorts of Les Rousses and Monts-Jura which have achieved the excellence level!

The best Nordic sites for cross-country skiing
Nordic ski touring

Nordic escape

To explore the mountains of Jura off the beaten track, opt for Nordic Ski Touring, also known as Backcountry skiing.

This environmentally friendly activity combines the joys of winter sports and the pleasure of exploring the other side of the mountain.

Nordic ski touring gives you the ultimate sense of freedom. Between Alpine skiing, cross-country skiing and telemark, it is an all-terrain skiing discipline for which no designated trails are required. 

Passing from valleys to ridges and forests, you climb and descend with the same equipment, leaving your traces on beautiful slopes of virgin snow. The ideal activity for exploring the Mountains of Jura, and it's safe too!

To get started, or for a whole day or weekend excursion, the resorts of Métabief, Les Rousses and Monts Jura have many experienced guides.

Faire appel à un guide-accompagnateur
Nicolas GASCARD / Montagnes du Jura
Nordic passion

In the footsteps of great champions

A number of champion skiers from the local region have helped spread the reputation of the Jura mountains as a Nordic destination. 

>> Jason Lamy-Chappuis, Nordic combined Olympic champion, 
>> Fabrice Guy, Nordic combined specialist,
>> Vincent Defrasne, Florence Baverel, Anais Bescond, Sandrine Bailly and Corinne Niogret, all Olympic biathlon medallists...
>> Not forgetting Martin Fourcade who fell in love with Jura and settled in Prémanon in 2004.


Like champions!

Trying Olympic sports

Nordic combined, ski jumping, biathlon… Have these disciplines always seemed out of your reach? To get started with an introductory session, head for the Jura Mountains!

Laurent Cheviet - Doubs Tourisme / BFC Tourisme


Anaïs Bescond, Vincent Desfrasne, Florence Baverel, Corinne Niogret... The Jura Mountains are a real incubator of champions in this discipline! Follow in their footsteps and try the two biathlon disciplines: cross-country skiing and rifle shooting.

Most of the ski schools in the massif propose sessions for beginners from the age of 6 years. Take advantage of the exceptional training ground at the Plans d'Hotonnes international biathlon stadium on the Retord Plateau.

Découvrir le biathlon
© Carole Maréchal/Jura Tourisme

Nordic combined and ski jumping

The Nordic combined discipline is a "combination" of cross-country skiing and the highly spectacular ski jumping. Despite appearances, ski jumping is not exclusively for champion skiers.

If you don't believe us, head for Chaux Neuve in Doubs. In both summer and winter, the ski jumps of 8, 10 and 30 metres invite you to take to the air! On-site instructors will teach you to master the three main phases of the jump: in-run, take-off and flight. Why not have a go?

Ski jumping
Legendary itinerary

The Grande Traversée du Jura cross-country ski trail

The Grande Traversée du Jura cross-country ski trail (GTJ) is the greatest of all Nordic itineraries! It was created about forty years ago to interlink the villages of the Jura Mountains.

Exceeding 180km, between Villers-le-Lac in Doubs and Giron in Ain, this trail follows the Jura crescent in a game of leapfrog at the Swiss border. To follow the GTJ on cross-country skis is to experience a roaming adventure lasting several days during which you'll stop at some typical places to enjoy moments of togetherness. 

Carnet d'itinérance
Julie Hann / Bourgogne-Franche-Comté Tourisme
Catherine DEMOLY / Bourgogne-Franche-Comté Tourisme
Legendary race

The Transjurassienne

Every year in February, the longest French cross-country ski race takes place in a postcard setting. Between Lamoura and Val de Mouthe, over 4,500 cross-country skiers from across the world set off on this adventure before an excited crowd.

Welcome to the Transjurassienne, the legendary cross-country ski race of over 40 years. Right from the start of the course, thousands of supporters ring their bells to encourage the athletes in a totally Nordic atmosphere!

Head for the Transju'

100% Nordic

Other Nordic disciplines to be tried or perfected in the mountains of Jura.

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