Come to the Vallée de la Loue in the Jura Mountains for a weekend getaway. This two-day break combines an exploration of spectacular natural scenery and cultural outings around Ornans and Arc-et-Senans.

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Day 1 - morning

Alongside the river Loue

The Loue is a picturesque river in Comté, flowing through villages and rural countryside, across a valley that is sometimes deep, sometimes wide open. Let the waters and our recommendations guide your way...

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Lods, classified as one of the 'Most Beautiful Villages in France'®

Come and explore a picturesque village nestled in the mountains at the heart of the Haute Vallée de la Loue.

Lods, a certified 'Most Beautiful Village of France' stands overlooking the river, where three dams create some fantastic waterfalls.

Wonder at the 16th-century winegrowers' houses lining the steep and narrow streets, dotted with fountains.

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A unique panoramic view of the Vallée de la Loue

From the village of Hautepierre-le-Châtelet, you can reach the La Roche de Hautepierre viewpoint on foot. At an altitude of 881 m, you'll have a wonderful view of the Loue way down below. Admire the spectacular panoramic view across the entire valley and Mont Poupet, one of the greatest peaks on the edge of the Jura.

 If it is a clear day, you might just catch a glimpse of the famous Mont-Blanc in the distance! 

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Mizenboite / BFC Tourisme

Cool off in Lison spring

Head to Nans-sous-Sainte-Anne and venture along the mysterious footpath that runs along the Lison. After three hundred metres walking alongside the trickling waters, the huge rock face of Lison spring will suddenly appear behind the foliage.

The clear waters flow down from a cave, forming an impressive waterfall ! This dreamlike place is ideal for a romantic picnic.

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Wander around the gardens of the Saline Royale (Royal Saltworks)

The Saline Royale in Arc-et-Senans is listed a World Heritage site by UNESCO and is a masterpiece from architect Claude Nicolas Ledoux. Explore the 'Cercle Immense', a new landscaped area that covers fifteen hectares around the monument. It is the perfect landscaped addition to the semi-circular formation of buildings, and it brings to life the initial project of the 'ideal town', thought up in the 18th century.

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Day 2 - Morning

Unveil the secrets of Comté

Come to the cheese dairy in Flagey to learn all about the secrets of making the famous Comté, the iconic cheese of the Jura Mountains. Visit the workshops where the milk is transformed into cheese, and then the maturing cellar, before ending the visit with a tasting session. At Flagey cheese dairy there is also a shop where you can purchase various PDO cheeses and regional products.

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Lunch on the banks of the Loue

Come to the pretty town of Ornans, French painter Gustave Courbet's hometown and known as the 'Little Venice of Comté'. Treat yourselves to a drink on the water's edge, on a sun lounger at the La Plage bar, before going for lunch out on the terrace at the Canoë Café.

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Explore Ornans, pretty little town of Comté

With picturesque houses overlooking the Loue, Ornans is a charming little town that resembles a small-scale version of Venice. Explore the narrow streets, private manors and artists' workshops dotted along the banks of the river.

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Visit the Musée Courbet

The Musée Gustave Courbet in Ornans covers a surface area of 1,000 m² across three superb private manors, including the childhood home of the painter of 'The Origin of the World'. This building is a combination of modernity and authenticity, with large bay windows overlooking the Loue. The tour features paintings, drawings, engravings and sculptures, that really take visitors behind-the-scenes into the artist's life.

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