Learn all about the secrets of how comté is made and have fun at the same time with this programme that's bound to be a hit with the little ones. On this getaway, you'll learn about where comté comes from and discover the different flavours it can have thanks to interactive tours, an overnight stay on a farm, a horse-driven carriage ride and tasting sessions. It'll be a treat for the eyes and the tastebuds!

JOUR 1 - MATIN : Raconte-moi le Comté

The Maison du Comté in Poligny

The Maison du Comté welcomes visitors of all ages to take the senses on a fabulous voyage!

You'll be plunged head first into the world of comté and the producers of this local cheese, and all your senses will be put to the test to discover and learn about the history of comté as a family. Those who are keen on tasting comté cheese will of course be given the opportunity to do so at the end of the tour.

Added bonus: the Maison organises workshops for children (making your own comté, cooking a comté-based dish, etc.) to keep them occupied while the parents enjoy the tour. 

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Day 1 - lunchtime: delicious cuisine

You're in for a treat at Melting'Potes

After an action-packed morning, stop off for a break and recharge your batteries at the Melting'Potes restaurant in Poligny. 

Delicous, home-cooked dishes in a friendly atmosphere!

Adults can choose from the salade comtoise, burger with comté or Cancoillotte sausage and the little ones decide on steak or roast chicken with comté gratin, so that everyone can taste the traditional dishes of the Jura Mountains.

All the products used are from local producers in Poligny or the surrounding area. The cheese for example is from the Fromagerie Arnaud or the Domaine Badoz in Poligny. 

The perfect place to enjoy great food, that is sustainable and local to boot!


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to aid digestion

A walk around town

After a delicious meal, take a stroll around the town centre of Poligny to help you digest.

There's a 4 km walking tour that will guide you around the town's main sights so you can admire historic ruins, vineyards and exceptional views. Head to the car park next to the ONF (National Forests Office) at the top of the Rue de la Doye where you'll find the departure point, then just follow the signs on the ground!

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Day 1 - evening: this farm has it all

Evening and overnight stay at the farm

Come and stay at the Chalets des Chemins Verts a few kilometres away. This property belongs to a family of farmers. They offer guided tours of their family-run farm to meet the animals and collect the milk that is then used to make the famous comté cheese. Everything you need for an enjoyable overnight stay as a family, with a superb view of the surrounding meadows.

Chalets des Chemins Verts

Aline Burri / Chalets des Chemins Verts
Chalets des Chemins Verts Aline Burri / Chalets des Chemins Verts
Traite des vaches Pexels
Aline Burri / Chalets des Chemins Verts
GAEC des Chemins Verts Aline Burri / Chalets des Chemins Verts
Aline Burri / Chalets des Chemins Verts
GAEC des Chemins Verts Aline Burri / Chalets des Chemins Verts
Auguste et Léopold
Jeune enfant caresse une vache Auguste et Léopold
poules à la ferme Pexels
Fruitière du Plateau Arboisien
Day 2 - morning: the birth of comté

Visit a comté cheese dairy

At the crossroads between the towns of Arbois, Chilly-sur-Salins and Ivory, the Fruitière du Plateau Arboisien collects the milk from twenty farms to then make comté and a whole host of other cheeses!

The Montbéliarde cows are milked the day before, and then you can learn how the milk is transformed into wheels of comté.

The cheesemakers will tell you all about their professions and unveil their secrets in creating this speciality cheese of the Jura Mountains.

At the end of the tour, head to the shop and buy some delicious pieces of comté and other local cheese to take home!

P.S.: remember to book your tour to make sure the cheesemakers are available to show you around.

Fruitière du Plateau Arboisien
Day 2 - lunchtime: get your picnic blanket out

Picnic with a view

For lunch, we suggest enjoying the tasty cheese you bought in the morning, then make sure you stop by the bakery and delicatessan for the rest and you'll be ready for a gourmet picnic as a family. As for the picnic spot, you can choose from the heritage sites, natural areas or at a waterfall. We recommend 3 picnic spots near Arbois and Salins-les-Bains.

Day 2 - afternoon: with the horses

Horse-drawn carriage ride

Before your getaway comes to an end and you go back home with plenty of memories and lots of comté in your suitcase, we have one last experience for you, and it's an original one.

Set off on a horse-drawn carriage ride across meadows and through forests, past the Montbéliarde cattle grazing away peacefully. It is thanks to this pure air and the abundant and varied plants available for the cows to feed on, that the comté cheese tastes so good.

The horse riding stables in Fay-en-Montagne organise outings adapted to everyone, so if you're feeling adventurous, you can go horse riding, or opt for a horse-drawn carriage for a more leisurely outing.


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Chalets des Chemins Verts Aline Burri / Chalets des Chemins Verts
Traite des vaches Pexels
GAEC des Chemins Verts Aline Burri / Chalets des Chemins Verts
GAEC des Chemins Verts Aline Burri / Chalets des Chemins Verts
Jeune enfant caresse une vache Auguste et Léopold
poules à la ferme Pexels